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Thread: resurrecting boat after sitting 5 years

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    resurrecting boat after sitting 5 years

    hi all,

    got a 90 363 ranger with mariner 150. been sitting for 5 years at buddys house
    wanna get it back on water.

    most concerns with motor.

    I will be going thru:
    pop it valve
    will fog cylinders b4 starting

    questions on:
    oil injection -- any work needed on blending valve
    all those small fuel / oil lines between carbs -- where to even get those?
    carb rebuild? can we still get the rebuild kits?
    fuel lines to tanks? should replace ?

    anything else?

    anything else?

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    I'd replace the water pump put some fresh gas and oil in it and take it to the lake, just dont go wide open for a while.

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    Old boy in Tonto Basin (Green Marine) told me to get rid of the blend system on my old Mariner before it malfunctions and leaves me either stranded, broke down or both. Mine was only 20 years old then. I just mixed the oil and gas moving forward and it worked well.

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