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Thread: Ultrex tray's in stock

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    Ultrex tray's in stock

    I stretched the standard tray that I've been building for several years now. It's been stretched 3" longer, but maintains the same width and the monster foot control fit's perfectly, I've had several come in to test the fit.

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    Do you offer installation? Can it be locked in, so it doesn't move around in rough water?

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    Yes I install them. The foot pedal gets through bolted to the tray and the tray get's screwed down to the deck. All stainless fasteners, resin coated exposed wood after it's cut. I've built and installed over 100 of the smaller ones. All fiberglass composite, no wood to rot.

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    When can you get to my Ranger? I've thought about a tray, but the foot pedal is so obnoxious I hadn't considered actually having it done. Let me know when you can do the job.

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