Just a friendly reminder that Chandler Bass Club will be holding their “OPEN” tournament on Bartlett Lake this Saturday. There will be food and a raffle afterwards. This is all for a great cause, The American Cancer Society. Thank you, Lyle Danuser, from JML Outdoors in assisting CBC with this effort!!

You can sign up at the RV that will be parked on the right hand side as you enter the parking lot at the Jojoba main ramp Saturday morning, just look for the CBC banner. If you are there Friday afternoon prefishing, you can register if somebody is at that RV (they might be prefishing!), check in just in case. First come first served when it comes to launch sequence.

Please download the liability and insurance forms from the CBC website and have those filled out prior to approaching the signup table. This should expedite the signup process. If for some reason you forget, there will be forms at the signup table. 😊

Fees are $150 all in and includes big fish. Marina is off limits.

The tourney will run from safelight until 3 pm. We need everybody signed up 30 minutes prior to Safelight. Safe bet would be to be signed up by 6:30 AM.