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Thread: Penn International 30SW reel.

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    Penn International 30SW reel.

    I am cleaning house and want to sell a few things. Penn reel used a few times years ago and full of braid for marlin and halibut. I want $200 and will include a fighting belt and 3 gaffs. I also have a new 60" Hilift jack with the bumper attachment for $50. Last is two ammo boxes full of steel and lead 12 gage and 278 rounds of assorted ammo in 38 special, 38 super and 38 S&W. All the ammo for $75. Mostly Remington and Winchester. Shotgun ammo is mostly Federal. 480-620-2853. I tried to upload photos and it just does the printing crap in the ad.

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    Reel is sold. Jack and ammo still available. $50 for each.

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    Ammo is sold. Buy the jack.

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