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Thread: Roosevelt 6/30 AM

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    Roosevelt 6/30 AM

    Hit Rosey for a quick run yesterday started in the salt end of the lake with a small Rico and banged 15 fish pretty quick. As soon as the sun hit bank I was working I ran to the West side of Windy Hill. Water temps 81.9.

    I stayed with the Rico and ran that bank. south then East towards Cholla. I banged out another 15 fish or so. I missed quite a few. They were trying stun /slap it down. These fish were wolf packing. Water temps were 89.

    I ran back into Salome and caught a donkey around 9 am. Scale stated 9.6 I thought for sure it was a double digit fish. Still my biggest fish of the year. It was caught on the Rico as well.

    Sheriffs were checking boats. The dudes next to me got cited for something. They are looking for fishing license throw cushion and extinguisher.
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    Great fishing man. Nice fish on the 9.6. excellent report, the early morning top water bite has been good lately. Glad you had an great day.
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    Right on man. Rosey has been fishing really good all year.

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    Congrats Mark what an awesome day.

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