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Thread: Pleasant 7.9.18 AM

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    Pleasant 7.9.18 AM

    I hit Pleasant for the first in a very long time at Safelight.
    Water temps were 80.4 degrees
    Flew over to Humbug and headed on back by the waterfalls where Franklin stores his car batteries.
    Fish were busting shad until 8:30 or so..
    I caught a ton of white bass and a handful of small bass.
    The only two lures that were consistent on catching fish was sexy shad Duo Realis 80 and the Zara Puppy with a feather treble.
    If the fish weren't busting the surface I would toss the DR 80. Long, long casts, count to ten and slow roll it back to the boat.
    If the bass were busting, I would throw the puppy. You literally had to hit them in the head with it during the boil.

    I got off the water around 9:30 or so.
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    You mean next month ???
    My bad

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