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Thread: Roosevelt 4/9 - 4/11

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    Roosevelt 4/9 - 4/11

    I spent three days with my oldest son Josh fishing the Gary Pykare tourney. My son is a Paramedic at Station #11 in Phoenix. The tourney helps raise $$ for the cancer fund for firefighters in this state. 93 teams from around the state to share a good time.A worthy effort of 29 years and going strong!

    I saw some familiar faces out there; Matt Shura, Tai au, and Seth Furmanek. I'm glad this is just for fun....

    Water temps at 71 degrees and dead calm.
    Josh & I hit the water late afternoon and went to the North shore around Goose Flats and pitched the trees with 5" Yamamoto Kut tails (#208) watermelon blk / red fleck and picked up 10 fish pretty quick. I prefer the Kut tail over the Senko. Headed in for the Valle Luna sponsored dinner and some cold brews. 50/50 raffle paid out $2700!

    Tuesday AM
    Flu bug attacks me 1:30 am and didn't let up until yesterday. It really sucks that you need to be close to a bathroom on a lake and its 90 degrees out there which feels like 120 when you are green around the gills. We got on fish at Goose Flats using 5" Kut Tails pitching the trees with a spincast setup. We nailed 15 fish or so, but only kept four fish for the scales. I called it early around 1pm, no energy and weak as hell.We had 7.67lbs this day.Awesome drawing for raffle prizes like Shotguns, rifles, Yehti cooler, Coleman coolers, rod & reel combos, camping gear and other cool stuff.

    Headed down the lake not feeling my best and we hit Goose Flats again. We stick three fish pretty quick again with the Kut Tails, but the water was a little more stained this time. Headed to the South shore around the Cholla area and changed up a little bit.We headed East. I needed some air movement, because it was dead calm, warm and I felt like crap. I tied on a 1/4oz skirtless Chatterbait with a 3.5" Castaic swimbait in baby bass for the both of us and motored on down the bank. That was the ticket! We rolled East and burned up the bank. We nailed 20+ fish. We saw cruisers not locked down, so they are still spawning in shallow water. We had a 8.54 sack for the day.

    It was awesome spending time with the firefighter community and listening to their stories. If you get the chance, hook up with a firefighter and get out there next April with these guys for a very worthy effort to fight a job related disease- Cancer.

    We finished 47th. We killed it! LOl

    Freaking Seth knocked out a 29 pound bag sack on the second day and smoked the group and finished 1st.
    Tai came in second...

    Damn proud of my boy!
    Pictured are baits that caught fish and my son that caught a lot of fish that came from the same mold...

    Not sure why the pics came out sideways ....

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    Nice report, and a really good Derby.

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    Great report. Thank you, headed to Roosevelt this weekend with my son.

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    I was there Saturday and we caught 5 fish. Saw a ton of fish in about 6' of water.

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    We were there Friday thru Sunday. Friday was pretty windy but we used that to our advantage and smoked em! Caught a TON of fish, mostly small but there were some pushing 3 pounds. Saturday was a bit calmer and the bite a bit slower for us. Prolly caught about 25 or so and the bigger fish came deeper (10-20'). Sunday was calm and the topwater bite was on! When it died around 9AM we backed out again and caught the bigger fish again on carolina rigs. Biggest fish for the 3 days was 3-1/2 lbs, along with a couple handfuls of 3 pounders.

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    Good report, can always count on u to spread the word.

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    I was going to post a report but I'll just add to this one.

    Fished Rosey for 6 mornings catching 20 to 30 bass each time. Minnow and a split out the back of the boat catches alot of little fish and a crappie every now and then.

    Baits that worked for me. Chatter baits, spinner bait, casting 1/6-1/8 oz road runner, Carolina and tx rig.

    The best being the tx rig, 4 inch worm 1/8 oz mid lake.

    Usually get a 3 lbers in the mix.

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