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Thread: 3 generation elk hunt

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    Congratulations to you all.

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    Nice you guys are elk killing machines! Happy eating.

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    Congratulations on a great hunt. Great looking family and three nice bulls. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I sent my application in with a fifth the wild turkey in a $50 bill and still did not get drawn.
    Semper Fi

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    Great job Freberg boys...

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    Thanks guys! One more set of quarters to come tomorrow morning.
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    nice job..those are some hard hunts!

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    3 Nice bulls in the snow. Congrats. The problem is you didnt give the GPS location to the area, HAHA. Keep it to yourself, I would. Nothing better then hunting with Family.
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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    good stuff right there man

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    Congrats! All three of those beat the shit out of the rag horn I shot that was busted off on both sides.

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    Thanks to all!!

    I met with the taxidermist yesterday. He is going to match the G-1 on the side that is broke off. He is going to make one sword 18"s long and the other 19"s long. That will make my bull right at 360.

    I will say I am still having dreams/nightmares of that MONSTOR that was in New Mexico. We glassed him for almost 6 hours but he just would not cross the fence.

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