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Thread: Congratulations Phoenix

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    Jul 2016
    I live in a ****ing trailer
    Captain hook, homosexuals aren't allowed here.....go back to Azbasszone and suck some dick

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    And so it begins...
    blah, blah, blah, that's all i got to say about that~! roadkill46

    You're a vile piece of shit. ThereHeIs

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    Keep that shit hook handy Del sounds like he will be back...

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    FFS....not this guy again.....and again.....and probably again.

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    Good job DEW, get rid of the trash before it grows roots!

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    Just catching up on all these threads as I was a late add from AZbassZone. This is the spirit I miss!

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    Roosevelt Resort-Queen Creek
    I like apples.

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