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Thread: anyone do a LS motor conversion ?

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    anyone do a LS motor conversion ?

    hope this forum stays around. off the wall topic -- hope this is appropriate.

    got an 87 K5 blazer with the 305 -- pretty weak motor.
    thinking of the LS swap, but not sure it's worth it.
    Need more power to pull the bass boat.

    any info / suggestions.

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    I don't have suggestions cause I don't know shit about engines and stuff but that's cool that you got one. The classic trucks are pricey and only going to get more valuable, I think. I had a 76 chevy pickup when I was a teenager in the 90's. Of course, I think about that truck a lot and regret being a shithead to it. I paid $3000 for that thing. Emissions were a bitch, though. lol!

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    That should be an easy swap. I'm sure they may even have complete kits for doing a swap like that. I have a friend in TX that put a LS2 in a 2000 5 series BMW wagon, he changed the BMW # badge from 528 to 560. It was bad a** he still takes on Hot Rod Power Tour ever year.
    Back to being a boat-less puke!

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