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Thread: 06-02 to 06-05 2022 Slow striper bite for 2022

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    06-02 to 06-05 2022 Slow striper bite for 2022

    Fish hard for a couple of days, only 1 nice striper. No striper bite at night. Tried in 20,40 and 60 feet of water with lights out. Had minnows but no shad in the lights. The only striper caught was in a quick morning boil before they quickly disappeared. The catfish bite was on, but mainly during the day. We also noticed these 8 to 12" fish that would swim near the boat while moving at night with a light or spot light in the water. At first we thought they were striper that would not bite, but we learned they are not. I'm thinking large gizzard shad, or some kind of carp. Not really sure. We have never seen that before this year.
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    Damn nice striper! I assume you were fishing Pleasant?

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    Thanks...Yes it was Pleasant. I forgot to add that. Not sure how to edit post.

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    Some of the catfish
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