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    The giving tree


    Several years ago somebody (from AzBassZone) gave me a half decent boat trailer for free. I gave them a utility trailer they could use in exchange, but they didn't know I was reciprocating until I showed up. They actually met me halfway between Phoenix and Yuma to just give me a free trailer (with title no less). Totally for free. Cost me nothing and the trailer I gave them was because I am that kind of guy. They needed it and they were giving me something I needed.

    I wound up not using the trailer. It had mismatched axles and the axle hanger hardware seemed a little wonky. It sat out back of my shop for a while...

    Then one day I needed some bucket forks for my tractor. I cut some of the long straight pieces of C channel out of the frame and made myself some forks. The load got unloaded. I've since purchased actual bucket forks, but the home made ones worked.

    A buddy of mine took the steel wheels off the trailer because the mag wheels on his boat trailer were cracking.

    Another buddy put the winch off the trailer on a boat trailer he was working on.

    I pulled one of the axles and shortened it to go under the trailer for my jon boat so I could run bigger wheels and tires.

    The other axle used and odd size wheel hub and I managed to break the casting somehow doing something. Had a couple folks interested in buying the axle, but they never came through.

    I have all the leaf springs stacked up out back for project metal, and a couple of them I used to mount farm implements.

    The pieces of that trailer have easily fixed or helped make a dozen other projects.

    Yesterday I found a use for that other axle. Well most of it. It was made from 2 x 2 x 1/4 square tube. Now its an almost finished (need to add two diagonal braces yet) a 3 point hitch for moving trailers that I can just drop right into the Quick Hitch on my tractor.

    Its not done yet. There are still some heavy u-bolts, fenders, steel tread plate steps springs and even some bits of C-channel left.

    I don't know who it was that gave me the trailer. I am sorry it didn't get used for its intended purpose, but I have to say it has been invaluable to me over the years. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Thank you very much.

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    Good read, Wish there were more goodness in the world.

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