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Thread: Thinking of old Del

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    Thinking of old Del

    After a near drowning and near death experience in Alaska years ago I know there is total peace and something else when we pass. I think it is a good thing to think of people we lost to give them a boost. I drank a Pepsi last night in his honor and I don't like Pepsi. RIP buddy.

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    I miss him and think of him often. We would usually text back and forth about what our military kids were up to.

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    It's hard to believe Del has been gone almost a year now. Del was a lot of fun to fish with. Any of you old schoolers remember this trip to Saguaro? Del's Ranger wouldn't start and someone in the group towed Del's boat all over Saggy that night. June of 2002 Wow. That as the night Del Mart was launched Del had his Del Mart shirt on but I don't have a good picture of it.
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    Back to being a boat-less puke!

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    Look how young Dannie and Anthony are!
    Back to being a boat-less puke!

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