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Thread: Recommend A Good Archery Shop

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    Recommend A Good Archery Shop

    Hey guys been a long time since Iíve posted. Well Iíve shot long bows and recurves for over 40+ years and itís time to hang em up and go to a wheel bow. Bad shoulders and time make you do that but Iíll be damned if Iím going to give up archery hunting. So Iím looking for a shop with knowledgeable people. I have made my own arrows and long bows plus had many custom made ones, so Im just barely north of 70 I donít know squat about the cam bows. Your suggestions will be appreciated. Hope your all doing well. KON

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    Arizona Archery Club on Deer Valley and about 11th Ave. Talk to Daniel

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    AAC is a great bunch of people.
    another west side one is
    Corner archery on 51st ave and northern, northeast corner.

    don't know many on the east side , with my Daughter gone I don't keep up on Archery anymore. hell for that matter I havent shot my bow in 2 years I should probably start shooting lol

    welcome back Kon

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    I know a bad one, if you want to have your limbs blown up while pressing for new threads.

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