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Thread: Havasu Tips?

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    Havasu Tips?

    heading to Havasu tomorrow for a few days. I've never fished the lake. Any tips for this time of year with the heat still on?
    I'm mostly interested in bass, but also curious about those huge red ear they have there.

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    Was there the end of May and caught most of our bass in the river, north end of the lake. Went up past the big bend to the east and then started back down towards the lake. Fished along the reeds, just need a good trolling motor or Talons/Power Poles to slow you down because of the current. Going back in November and going to start at the same areas. Deeper reeds, throw right next to them - parallel. Caught most on Sexy Shad medium diving crankbait. Also try spinnerbait or chatter bait along the reeds.
    Otherwise had some success across from the launch at the state park on the California side. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, dropshot.

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