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Thread: Rosy Saturday

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    Rosy Saturday

    I heard 87 is closed at the Young road from Globe as well as off of 87. Have not confirmed that yet. FYI anyone who is fishing the LaPorte Saturday.

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    Good luck getting to Rosy, Tonto basin, pumpkin center under evacuation orders along with Sunflower and Apache lake. As of this morning 87 closed bush highway to Payson, 188 is closed from 87 over to Globe and 88 closed to and from Apache. Don't look good fire is growing unbelievably fast with the dang wind and low humidity.

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    I'm boat #8 and hoping they postpone the derby. Even if there's a way to get in I'm not going. The smoke has inundated the lake.

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    Changed til the following week.

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    It's a mess up here. Sunflower has evacuated, Jakes corner and Tonto are next if t comes this way. Smoke has rolled into Payson, Tonto basin and the lower areas must suck right now. The bonus, no one on the freeway.

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