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Thread: 2009 250ProXS

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    2009 250ProXS

    Kinda sorta thinking about unloading this motor. I kept it when I sold the BassCat with the thought (fantasy really) of using it on a shallow water jet sled. That's not something I think will happen any time soon. Back to reality I guess. NADA puts retail on this motor from $8325 to $9355 bare.

    I would certainly entertain a reasonable offer. No controls. I did save the data cable, data module, Smart Craft gages, and the oil tank. As they say, "Ran when parked." It would push my cat into the 70s reliably with a load. Had not been serviced in a year when I pulled it off the boat. Its been hanging on my cherry picker for two, so it certainly needs a new impellor.

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    Shoot Bob if I hadn’t just sunk $6500 into my motor rebuild I would have considered. Good luck with sale

    Btw been nailing fish on the southern lakes with your club o baits. You still pouring those? Will be in Yuma tomorrow hitting mittry and leaving Friday morning

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    I make them just for myself, and for my regular fishing partners these days. I did finally work up the mold for regular sale though. Both the 4 and the 5. A few guys have them, but nobody out west is selling them that I am aware of.

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    That’s cool Bob I’m too lazy to buy a mold pour it myself. See you on Mittry tomorrow if you happen to be out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    Thatís cool Bob Iím too lazy to buy a mold pour it myself. See you on Mittry tomorrow if you happen to be out there

    LOL. I had one of my fishing buddies tell me he can't catch fish on anything else right now. I told him he should stop using them then. He should never become to dependent on any one bait.

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    I decided I'm never going to build the boat I saved it for so I listed it on Ebay.

    2009 Mercury Optimax 250ProXS
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