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Thread: Latest Closures for the Tonto NF

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    Latest Closures for the Tonto NF

    After seeing the post on Bartlett Lake I went to the Tonto NF site and found this information : Tonto National Forest Closes Developed Recreation Sites Forestwide
    The Tonto National Forest will begin the orderly closure of the following developed recreation sites as early as Monday, March 23, to protect public health and safety and align with state and local measures already in place to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The developed recreation site closures will remain in effect until further notice. The Forest Service thanks all visitors and partners for their cooperation. Please report any instances of vandalism to facilities to the local ranger district office.

    You can go on their site to get the details. Looks like all the camping areas are closed but boat ramps are open - for now.

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    Boat ramps should stay open. Last time was the big O trying to maximize the pain to the public. They probably closed Yellow Cliffs to keep people from camping on the beach in close proximity.

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    They could block off the roads and keep the Yellow cliffs ramp open.

    Word I got is TNF at Roosevelt has closed school house and Grapevine ramp but Bobcat is open as is Cholla ramp, buddy said it was a zoo at Cholla yesterday. Have not confirmed about the ramp closers on the salt end guess TNF is changing things daily?

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    TNF Roosevelt updated their website today, the campgrounds are closed but the road to the ramps and parking is open at School house and Grapevine apparently.

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