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Thread: carpet or other options

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    carpet or other options

    boat needs recarpeting.

    seen some boats with vinyl, seems like everything would slide around too much.

    was going to do vinyl on the floor but carpet the decks.

    any suggestions on anything new or stick with carpet?


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    Carpet makes the most sense to me. It doesn't get as hot as some of these other newer coverings and it's more friendly to the feet. It's tougher to keep clean, but it's a personal preference for sure.

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    Last thing I want is a vinyl floor on Powell when the wind gets up. I can barely stand up on carpet. Talk to Scott if he still does carpet. He's good.

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    Two friends bought boats in the last couple years with light colored vinyl flooring thought it would be great for easy clean up etc. They HATE the vinyl, they both say the heat that is reflected off the vinyl flooring is terrible when it is warm and sunny out here in AZ. One is actually going to rip the vinyl flooring out and replace it with carpet.

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    I've pulled several floors out of trackers and replaced the vinyl with carpet. The major complaint was the fact it would get slippery, after a couple of face plants one guy couldn't get it out fast enough. It's not a cure all..

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