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Thread: elk and lope draw

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    Got hit late yesterday, I thought they would have been done by now with CCs getting hit earlier in the month so that was a nice surprise to start the weekend.
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    Ok cool Delw. Thanks. I knew eventually I would find out. I just didn’t know if there was another way. When guys are saying that they got hit and know what hunt they got, I didn’t know if there was another way. Maybe they only put in for one place? But I just checked the portal. It’s updated now. I got 22N archery bull. ��

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    Results are now in the Portal, I liked the old days better, get a cool tag in the mail as the notice was legit.

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    I drew a Unit 9 rifle bull tag. It was my first choice, I drew it with just 1 loyalty point, no regular bonus points since it's my 4th straight tag. Yee Haww!

    My son drew his first choice (late archery bull) with just one loyalty point as well. He's now drawn 7 tags in 8 years. 3rd bull tag.

    I love our draw system!!!!!!!

    Congrats to everyone else who drew!

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