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Thread: Habitat project his Saturday 1/11 at Bartlett lake (need volunteers)

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    Habitat project his Saturday 1/11 at Bartlett lake (need volunteers)

    Game and Fish will be continuing their Christmas placement at Bartlett lake from 8:30am till about 1PM this Saturday 1/11. Last week 715 trees were placed on Friday and 675 on Saturday, there is about 650 trees left to put in the lake. Everyone is meeting at the upper parking lot of the Yellow cliffs ramp just look for the huge pile of trees up there. You can fish then come help or help then go fish there is no minimum time limit you have to work. Will need help with putting trees on trailers to take down to the side of the ramp, tying cinder blocks on the trees and then loading them on large pontoon barge boats to take them out to be placed. If you have boy scouts or others that need some community service time it is a great opportunity. Will be cold/cool in the early morning, bring gloves and your own food, g and f has water there. You can park in the parking, lot last week you were allowed to park without the TNF permit while working on the project. Lot a work but something to see 35+ trees per boat load sent down in a per-determined area hopefully to help the fishery.

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    I was going to go last friday but the back and hip were hurting bad.

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    tournament there Saturday.

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