Chandler Bass Club
Bartlett Open Tournament
February 22nd
Jojoba Ramp

Safelight until 3pm (be inside the buoy line by 3pm)

$150 per team- Cash only
- Payback is 80% and the remainder will go to the American Cancer Society.
10 minimum

Pays 1 in 5 places

Sign up at the ramp will be from 5AM until 6:15. Boat numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
-You can sign up the night before, just look for the RV with the CBC banner on the side in the parking lot.

Have this form filled out and present when signing up at the ramp (forms can be found on the CBC website as well):
Tournament Rules:

This should be a fun one! Lake should be full and fish will be staging for the spawn!