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    Fished Havasu Tues - Thurs. Only caught 6, 8-13 inches (4 were smallmouth), except one 4 inch that I snagged on a crank bait. Water temp was 74-75 main lake and 68-70 in the river. Did get 5 other bites, 3 on topwater (frog, spook, and buzzbait) and 2 on white senko in the tullies. It just did not happen for me this time. They should be biting up the river at that water temp. Its been a slow year for me. Can't even catch a dropshot fish anymore.

    On Thursday morning I wanted to try to catch some Havasu redears. Apparently the fall is not the time to try to get them. Do any of you guys catch them in the fall or just the spring in Apr, May, June? I put earthworms on dropshot and 1/8 oz jig. Kept them near the bottom in 20-25ft water near the fish habitats, that is where the big ones will be I was told. managed to catch 3, 5 inch stripers, no redears. Did get one big smallmouth about 3-4 lbs to bite the small jig. Thought I had a good hookset. He came way out of the water, jig went one way, he went the other.

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    This year has been one of the slowest years for me catching fish??? There has not been very many good reports all year, even the tournaments have not been that good???

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    I am living here till the end of the year for a project. I've been out here and there. I am learning so much about this place and what to look for. If you come back let me know I'd like to tool around with you on the water maybe exchange info.

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