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Thread: Arivaca 9/22/19

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    Arivaca 9/22/19

    what a beautiful day on the water. just gorgeous all day. nice mild temps and a cool breeze, could have stayed there for a month today. as for fishig? not so much. one tiny little dink and three missed fish. lake is still up and the weeds are not too bad. water is warm at high 70's and still dirty with no visibility. we were the only boat on the lake today. even tho we didn't catch any fish, it was just glorious. and there is a hot new bartender at the La Guitana bar!
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    Thanks been wondering about Vaca.

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    They got a bar at that lake? cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delw View Post
    They got a bar at that lake? cool
    LOL. no bar at the lake, La Guitana is an old historic watering hole in the town of Arivaca, a few miles from the lake itself.
    "What the hell is a Wrinkleneck?" *Snoop Dogg*, 2016

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    Oh well thats a bummer. I heard that lake is cool looking never been there before.

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