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Thread: Would someone explain gasoline prices to me?

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    Would someone explain gasoline prices to me?

    Can someone explain fuel prices to me? Phx. fuel 87 octane was 2.80 per gallon go to white mts fuel is $2.55 in Payson per gallon in show low/lakeside $2.65. This week went up to buddies antelope hunt camp make the turn off from I17 to lake Mary road friggen circle K is $2.73 per gallon and we are back up to $2.83+. I have never seen fuel in Flagstaff cheaper than here in the valley. Is it all this pollution additive crap they put in our fuel down here or are the fuel companies just bending us over?

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    Additive in whole state, now, Ozone layer breaking down. Payson, Now price outstanding, 5 weeks ago it was over $3.05 gal, As a Business owner, That hurts, BELIEVE ME. Was in Casa Grande last weekend on dove hunt, One station by motel, over 3 bucks a gallon, AM/PM, other side of highway, $2.57 gal. I agree, Go figure. It all come from same storage facility in west phx.
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    Some of the price is the tax in that city or area. And some is because they can. The ck and four sons here in desert hills was $.30 to $.40 higher than in town. Before fry's came out here.

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    CBG is required in Maricopa county where other counties don’t require it.

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