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Thread: We got the Hostage phone call abit ago.

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    Great stuff Del and great pics!

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    Got a 2nd phone call from claudia sat. She had another base liberty so she called her boyfriend. she did talk to me for about 2-3 mins said hi then she talked to her mom for 5 mins, then we had to give phone back to her boyfriend.
    he talked to her for like 1+ hours. I mean WTF. she sent a couple of letters in the last week and a half, basically telling us what food to bring to Family day and graduation. in that 2 min conversation. I said well you dont have time we can talk over the weekend and go do something. her words were "soon as I get home I am going to see all my friends and shes rambling a mile a min of all these things she planned, then goes but when hunters gone we will hang out alot". I am thinking ok I waited 13 weeks to talk to her whats another couple of days.

    Her boyfriend got his plane tickets friday as thats when he was ok'd leave. sunday night he was getting his stuff in order and found out that his payment was declined. he talked to some dude that must have lived in his moms closet as he didnt help him at all. he tried again and go rejected again but in the 2 days the tickets went up 100 bucks. so this am hunter called the bank to find out what the hell was going on. seems when hunter went to boot camp he put a max 500 buck security limit on his card. so he a called back the airlines this am got a seat and booked the plane and everything was fine. the chick on the phone even gave him the old price he said she was really cool and helpful. so now he is going forsure.

    so we are on our way tomorrow night I cant wait.

    so the kicker in this story is that this morning Hunter was kinda Dazed and not thinking straight. he had his uniform out and was getting it already. I was like where you going today hunter (he said have to check in before he leaves the state) I was like hunter you have all day tomorrow, he was like we are leaving tonight right. I'm like no. then he looks all confused I left for work. so my day is going so so trying to get a job shipped out and having a few issues. just then Hunter pops in the door. I'm like great I dont have time to bullshit I gotta get this job shipped out. then he let me have it. "Del can I marry your Daughter" I'm like ummmmm look at april and she starts talking.
    so Now Claudia gets back on friday night, I probably wont see her. I doubt I will be sitting next to her on the plane hearing all the cool shit she was doing in boot camp. with my luck I will probably have to give up my plane flight for some military guy thats going to see his girlfriends Marine Graduation and be stuck at home the whole week, or stuck in Georgia.

    Oh yeah then shes getting married on Monday and hunter leaves for SOI training on Monday night.

    Hunters a cool kid, I like him, very polite and respectful. They both know they wont see each other for a year as Claudia will be in schooling on the east coast for about a year with the helo stuff. after that They will be on bases with in 50 miles of one another. hunter has a 6 year contract with the Marines, Claudia has a 5 year contract with the Marines.
    only thing I am hoping is that they do what they wanted to do before boot camp and not change there minds due to marriage. but we all know kids they changes there mind every second we were kids once as well.
    Both kids had this planned I guess for a while and thought it through as best they could. Claudia hadnt mentioned it I am sure she will on Family day.
    Claudia also doesn't know hunter is coming to graduation he told her his leave wasnt approved yet on the last phone call so he was going to hang out in phx.

    going to be a busy interesting week. see ya when I get back, hopefully I will have time to check in from time to time.

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    What a story....

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    Great stuff Del!!!
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    Congrats, and have a great trip!

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