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Thread: Went up to williams again

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    Went up to williams again

    spur of the moment on friday night I asked claudia if she wanted to go up north before she ships off to boot monday am.
    of coarse she did so 8pm we tossed the cots and 2 bags in the truck stopped at sportsman and bought a canyon cooler 2 bags of ice a 12 pack of coke and 3 bottles of water. get to our normal camping spot around 12:30
    saw a ton of elk lots of babies on the drive in. fell asleep pretty quick 60 degrees woke up this morning at 8 kid was still sleeping. she rolled out about 9am cause the sun came through the pines and heated her up pretty quick.
    headed over to jd damn to look for full frogs, she found one about 5" wide 8-10" long sitting on the edge of the lake. took off from there headed to sycamore falls(never been there cool stuff) saw some people repelling from the cliffs. Kids on the edge of cliffs looking at the water holes and spots 3 snakes swimming in the water about 100-150 feet down. she was bummed no way to get down there lol.
    went into williams got a bite to eat at her favorite places and headed home. back by 4pm.

    J.d damn looked like it dropped about 2 feet, dry as hell up there and usually its wet with the monsoon. not a cloud in the sky,
    one more day with her tomorrow and shes off to summer camp for 3 months LMAO

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    Nice quik trip. Lots of young elk all over this year, got about 40 or so around house everyday .
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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    Great memories, give here our best.

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    I'm sure she wishes she was still there right about now! Did you get your 30 second phone call to let you know she's alive?

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