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Thread: "Vaca 4/14/19.

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    "Vaca 4/14/19.

    beautiful day on the water. launched at about 8:15, off at 12:30. light breeze with 78 degree temps and a few clouds. water was 63-65 degrees and visibility to about 3-4 feet. Weeds are coming back but not bad yet. lake is still almost full but is not spilling. saw a few empty beds and a couple of females guarding fry. we put seven in the boat with 2.5 being the biggest. lost a good 4lb'er right at the boat. fish came on senkos in 5 to 8 foot of water. actually saw a boil in the middle of the lake at about 11am, weird, never seen that at vaca before. should be some good fishing for the next couple weeks.
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    Thx for the report, that is weird for down there , been fishing it for 40 years and have never seen any boils. It would be awesome if it had shad.

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