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Thread: Havasu Report 3/31

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    Havasu Report 3/31

    Water temps 60-61 up the river, 62-64 main lake, got up to 65 in some pockets. Fish in all three phases, got really windy over the weekend. Mostly moving baits because of wind and had 30+fish.

    Small mouth more mainlake points, secondary points, and first couple cuts. Largemouth were caught on steeper faces heading back to spawning areas and in the backs.. typical spring time fishing.

    Went to Alamo on 3/30 and it was terrible. Bite was nonexistent, prob 40+ boats on water. Managed a couple but nothing of size.

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    Buddy said the bite at Alamo slowed up real bad this week, they said it was real windy in the afternoon and at night and the water temps actually went down but that should not shut off the whole lake?

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    I was at Alamo yesterday and covered a ton of water all over the lake.
    Boated 7 fish total in 5 hours .. tons of people and tons of Donkys..

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    Any sign of Crappies Yet?
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