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Thread: Arivaca 3/22/19

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    Arivaca 3/22/19

    the road from the town to the lake turnoff looks like a bombing range. the lake is still full and spilling. water is stained with visibility to about a foot. water is 60ish degrees. on the lake at 8am and off at 2pm. put three in the boat and lost two good strikes. fish came on t-rigged worms in crawdad color. biggest was only 1.5. still need the water to warm up and clear a little...
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    I've never been to that lake or down in that area even to hunt.

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    Thx for the report, with its elevation it usually takes into April before it warms up and the fish get more active.
    Did you check the water temp ?
    Del , it is a great area for Coues and some big Muleys .

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    Went Wednesday. Temps 60-62 and as mentioned stained water. 6 hours and just one bite. That is a first. Still a great day on the water with my son. Pretty busy with at least 6-8 boats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchandrelease View Post
    Del , it is a great area for Coues and some big Muleys .
    yeah thats what I have heard.

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