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Thread: My coues Whitetail

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    Same here Ringer , very bad fall from 15 ft and got busted up really bad several years ago , then the diabetes kicked in and ****ed me up , now dealing with issues from the meds they put me on that suck , kidney problems , pancreas etc from the meds. They are all bad . Stopped taking them and feeling better with exercise and a good diet that sucks. All of this right after losing my older brother , younger brother , baby sister and first born son. Just have to stay strong , work hard and keep pushing forward. Oh yea I forgot also got picked on by a guy on a bicycle after my fall when I had my arm in a sling after my fall. You will be ok Bill there is a lot of work out there and you will find it and get through it , sounds like you a tough strong guy. Nice Coues , at least you have a roof over your head. I got through it and my business and life is doing well.

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    God Bless, Dont Give up. Ignore those assholes that are Bitching like WOMAN, because they are Pussy's.
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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