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Thread: Vaca 3/1/19

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    Vaca 3/1/19

    On the water late, around 9:30. Beautiful day, light breeze with temps from high 60's to mid 70's. The lake is full with a fair amount of water over the spillway. Water temps 57-60 degrees. stained with low visibility at about a foot. Weeds are almost non-existent. Threw sencos, cranks, spinners, jigs and t-rigged lizards. Not one bite. Talked to a couple other fishermen who had the same results. Thinking when the weather settles down a bit and the water warms up it should be on...two, three weeks maybe.
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    Wow not a bite. Thanks I was heading there Tuesday

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    FLHX thanks for the report as they are few and far between.
    Charlie, did you end up going?
    Vaca has changed, used to be a numbers lake, now there are big fish and sometimes fishing is very tough.

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    No I didnít go. Sorry just saw your question

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