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Thread: For sale 2008 Mercury 250 Pro XS available in April

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    Sale pending on delivery of new motor. Hopefully it arrives this year. Been waiting for too long.

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    Is the motor available or are you still waiting?

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    Iím still waiting. Iím being told now that there are people still on the list that have been waiting for over a year for their motor. I ordered mine at the beginning of the year. Iím going to call Jayco Marine again tomorrow.

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    Called Jaco Marine again this week and they still have no clue on when my new motor will be delivered by Mercury. I did some researching and it looks like there's a lot of people waiting on these motors.

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    I'm still interested and the timing of this may work out best for me as I will close on my house middle of July. Sucks for you that it is taking so long. Hope you hear some positive news soon. Please keep me posted.


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    Update - I ended up trading in my boat this past weekend so the motor is obviously no longer for sale unless you want to buy my old boat/motor at Complete Marine. I just got tired of waiting and it looks like dealers are still not receiving the new motors for repower. Only manufacturers are getting them.

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    sry m/fers, thanks for the heads up. ill let him know.
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    Just confirms the conspiracy theory that the motor shortage is moving people to buy new boats instead......

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