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Thread: Lake Huites MX report 1/29-2-1, 2019

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    Thats a crowded Garage, airplane, cars- trucks, cutting stations ect. Nice mounts on walls though. Thanks for the pics. MMMMM, moose meat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catfish Campbell View Post
    Doing good Delw. Just got back from Alaska helping some buddies on a subsistence moose meat hunt where we took 3 bulls. Was a fun hunt just a little cold with temps to -12 and riding snowmobiles ~100 miles a day! Good eats though!
    those are cool pics,looks and sounds like a great time.
    you didn't do any fishing when you were up there this time? that crab on the plate looks good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basman1313 View Post
    I prefer Lake Fork in Texas, BUT if I am going to Mexico, the only lake I am going to fish is Baccarac. There is a landing strip 2 miles from the lake and you can fly direct from Phoenix in a pond hopper.

    75 to 100 fish days with the average fish being 7 lbs. 10's and teeners mized in.
    Bassman1313, I know what you speak of when referring to Baccarac as I used to go there regularly and was one of the 4 original partners in on the Lake Baccarac Lodge, specifically getting the Crestliner boats down there and rigged so we didn't have the old ponga style. It's been fishing a little tougher of late but will most likely come back soon, I just wish it wasn't so expensive for lodging. FYI, there is also a pretty nice paved airstrip near Lake Huites that's even long enough to take small jets. (Maybe El Chapo's private one?)

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