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Thread: Lake Huites MX report 1/29-2-1, 2019

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    Lake Huites MX report 1/29-2-1, 2019

    I took second time MX bass fisherman Jordan Reidhead and first timer MX bass visitor, but long time trout fisherman Bob Seiter, both from Mesa, to Lake Huites for the first time and had a great trip. Approx 550 fish boated during the 4 days with Jordanís 5.12 the biggest of the trip. Only 5 fish caught over 4 lbs but a lot of 2-2 1/2 lb fish. I think that this lake is going to be full of 3-4 lb fish in a year or two. Most fish were caught on cranks running 6-10í but a few inc a 4.8 lb fish on a 20í deep diver near the dam. Lizards also worked well as did top water poppers on shallower sloping banks. A spinner bait did well the last day as there seemed to be a noticeable move up to shallow water of pre-spawn fish. Fishing the 'west' side of the lake toward the dam proved challenging as usual but it seemed the average fish was a bit bigger. This was the first trip where the netters were on the lake beginning our second day and it did seem to set the numbers down a notch or two.

    Air temp was 50-80. Water temp was 68-74.

    We stayed at the Palmar Lodge and were well taken care of and ate great food with our friend/owner/host Humberto Jose Paredes and we flew in from Phx Sky Harbor to San Diego via Southwest with an Uber transfer over to the CBX in Tijuana and then caught a Volaris flight direct to Los Mochis with a transfer to the Lodge with Humberto.

    I'm running a 2019 Phoenix with the new Mercury 250 Pro XS 4-stroke and it is noticeably better on gas with 'only' 35 gals used for 4 full days of fishing but MX premium is $4 p/gal. We had 0 problems until trying to land back at Tijuana on Sat evening with 3 passes needed to get on the ground with inclement weather and our SW flight from SD to PHX had been cancelled due to the same issue so a 4 hr delay greeted us before a plane to Phx happened.

    Sam Sherwood
    Mesa, AZ

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    *watches video of narcos killing a father and then cutting his sons heart out while alive Aztec style*
    Mexico fishing? Nope.

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    Awesome report. Got any pictures? Most of us have probably forgotten what a bass looks like with our lakes being so shitty right now.

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    Nice report, Thanks !!
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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    Sounds like a good trip. Iím headed to Oviachic next week. Head any recent reports for there? Iíll let you know how it goes once I return

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    Safe travels and good luck reports i know of so lokoing forward to your trip results. Leaning towards heading down there in March

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    As Requested, Huites Pictures

    I have heard a few reports from Novillo and Oviachic Lakes and Novillo seems to be OK but Oviachic seems to be struggling quite a bit to produce very many fish possibly due to lower water levels and over netting. If it were me I'd go to the closer lake Novillo or down to Huites if you had a bit more time.

    Sorry about the pictures, I couldn't get them turned...
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    I'm sorry but it seems like Mexico is for those who really can't fish. Best fish maybe 5 pounds? Keep practicing, change tactics and yes a U.S 5# largemouth could be yours...

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    Hey buddy, there's only room for one troll in here.

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    The boat I bought did a lot of fishing on Lake Novillo when it was younger. They say the road is too bad to get to that lake now, but that could just be what people are saying to keep people out......

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