I got back last night from another trip to Lake Huites. The main road 15 down is much improved over a month ago! They look like that they could be 99% finished with the new concrete for the start of the season next Fall. I did make good time coming home yesterday, from lake to home in just over 11 hours, 40 mins at the border at 7 pm.

If you are looking for a lake with numerous bass between 5-8 lbs that will bite, this is NOT the lake for you as those size fish are very hard to come by for now. They are in there but after 3 trips in 11 months and going through several thousand fish, I only need fingers on 2 hands to count the number of fish caught in that category. However, this trip did see the large amount of smaller fish,(8-12")almost disappear as the bigger class of fish moved up. The catch rate was probably 25% less than a month ago but the average fish size was about 50% better! The lake had dropped about 10' from early December but we did get rained on the first day which raised it slightly. There were no nets on the lake anywhere and I only encountered one other boat, a local, out fishing one day. There is a bass tournament on the lake at the end of Feb if anyone would like to go participate, you'd be welcome. This trip saw lots and lots of fish caught on plastics and cranks with a good top water bite in the evenings on the right bank. Almost anywhere we stopped you wouldn't ever go more than 50 yards without getting bit, and that was as bad as it was. Contrary to last month when we found 4-5 large packs of fish grouped up, this trip seemed to have them moved into the banks and spread out a bit more. Air temp was about 80 degrees in the afternoon and the water temp then about 75.

Humberto, the lodge owner, continues to make improvements with new personnel, new linens, new menu, bladed out launch area, and is just genuinely happy to help. I left my boat there and will be flying back in with some buddies on Jan 28 and we'll see how things go without the long drive. There were no fuel shortages anywhere that I was aware of.

Sam Sherwood
Mesa, AZ