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Thread: My hunting buddys are safe aand alive.

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    My hunting buddys are safe aand alive.

    My 2 best friends went over a cliff down by the Blue 2 nights ago at night after retrieving a deer after dark and slid off the snow packed icey road over a cliff and rolled about 30 ft down into the creek. They managed to get out of the truck and get back on the road and 2 other hunters found them and got them to the hospital in Springerville . They are doing ok and alive but lucky they survived . Be carefull out there .

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    876 big was the deer?

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    Lucky is always a good thing. If you have driven off road in mud or snow we have all been lucky. Good to hear they are going to be ok. With a little luck the vehicle recovery will go well.....
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    Probably won`t get the truck back until the snow melts. It was covered in 3 to 4 ft of snow yesterday. The truck is totaled anyways . Tried to post a pic of Chips head and face covered in blood with those that have a strong stomach and pics of the truck 30 ft down off a cliff into the Blue but it wouldn`t post. They are back in town and doing ok. Mike has some serious neck and back issues but still walking and talking. They were very lucky to survive . They never found the dear that night . They planned on going back the next morning to try to find it .

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