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Thread: Mexico whitetail and javis

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    Mexico whitetail and javis

    No issues getting to and from Mexico or the flight back to dfw.
    Had a bit of delay at dfw on Sunday, then finally got on the plane and taxied out and sat on the tarmac for about 20 minutes waiting in line. Then taxied back to the gate so a federal officer could come on board and remove a drunk couple. I'm going to guess that was a fairly expensive buzz on their part. Aside from that the trip was fun.
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    Cool Randy
    whats that sticking out of that pig a spear Tiki Torch?
    Thats a nice looking whitetail.

    if one spot gets snow/rain tonight,I am heading up north for archery deer tomorrow otherwise I will wait till this weekend.

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    ^^^^ Broadhead just behind the ear.
    Goodluck up there and be safe. I may head south later this week or wait till January, depends on work.

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