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Thread: Salt River Duck Hunt

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    Salt River Duck Hunt

    Curious if anyone has been out there the past few weeks and seen anything flying? Don't get your panties in a tangle, I'm not asking for scouting tips or spots. I've got my own spot(s). I spend plenty of time out there, just wondering if any fellow duck hunters have seen anything flying as I haven't been in the past couple weeks.

    I think I might head out there tomorrow and this weekend.

    If anyone is ever down to go, let me know.


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    Have you hit any desert ponds yet? couple weeks ago we saw a bunch of geese flying around 67th ave and northern usually dont see them this early.

    let us know how you do.

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    Seen quite a few on tonto river in pockets of water.
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    Lynx has all kinds of ducks and I understand chef Oma at the restaurant makes a traditional German roasted duck that is out of this world.....
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    Say what bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt Mark View Post
    Say what bro?
    If you want a duck go to the lake with some bread select your duck take it home for a pet. They don’t like the domesticated ducks people drop off (white ones). They carry diseases that kill the wild ones and they don’t want them to breed with the other wild ducks. If you want a great recipe for German roasted duck Oma has a good one. Adolf can tell you the best way to pluck a duck I understand there is more than one way.......
    "If it got any better I couldn't stand it"

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