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Thread: WTB after the new year.....

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    WTB after the new year.....

    Just putting the thought in people's heads ahead of time, since I keep missing out on good deals.

    I'm looking for a Lowrance HDS 9 or larger, gen 1 for the bow of my old Ranger boat. I'm looking for the older generations because I'm only going to use the US2 transducer built into my Ultrex. If any of you are upgrading over Christmas, I'd like a chance to buy an older Lowrance unit that has a larger screen than what I have now. I'm currently using Lowrance X102c units at bow and dash. A larger screen up front would be nice, but I don't want to break the bank.....

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    I thought that gen1 came in 8" 10" 12"and were square in shape. Now I believe the gen 2 units were 7" 9" 12" and were rectangle in shape. That being said I'm sure you will be able to find something in your price range after Xmas.

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    Thanks for clarifying, yes any of those would work for what I'm looking to do. Hopefully Santa is nice to someone on here this Christmas and upgrades are had all around....

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