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Thread: New Tow Rig

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    I like the white truck with your boat a lot better. The other is too much blue.

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    Does the 16 have the 10 speed tranny or the 6 speed? I drove the 2018 2.7 with the 10 speed like a race car and the tranny was so smooth compared to the Chevy 6 speed POS tranny. What dealer did you use Tim?

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    I believe the 10speed tranny came out in 2017...I got the truck from Lifted Trucks on Bell Rd, Phoenix location...Awesome dealership, treated me well...Tell them Tim the police officer sent ya...Go read their reviews, you will see what I’m talking about...

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    I think congratulations are in order for your recent promotion to being in charge of the evidence room.

    All kidding aside beautiful boat and truck they look great together.
    The pictures you post are the taken from a cell?
    "If it got any better I couldn't stand it"

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    Lmao...Thank God for the equity in my house...Yes I take all my pics from an IPhone 8plus...

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    Nice truck, cant afford one, thats me though.
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    Does yours have the electric locking rear differential?

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    Yes it’s a 4x4 and also has rear locking differential...My 2013 2wd had that and it was amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by YELOSUB View Post
    Yes itís a 4x4 and also has rear locking differential...My 2013 2wd had that and it was amazing
    Good. My 2015 doesnít. And with the open differential, itís essentially a 2wd. I found out the hard way. My fault for not researching prior, but Ford should be sued for false advertising.

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