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Thread: Striper bite at Pleasant

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    Striper bite at Pleasant

    For anyone out there, has the striper bite at Pleasant changed in your opinion? I don't get there as much as I'd like (from Tucson), but for our last 3 to 4 trips over the last couple of years, they have seemed to shut down when the sun sets.

    I've been going there for 5 or 6 years, it was always the same until the last couple of years. Put my LED lights out of the boat, fish with anchovies and you would catch striper after the sun sets.

    Now, we cannot even get a bite when the sun sets. We were there 10/19-20-21/18. We did great in the Friday evening 5 to 7 pm, then the bite shut off after the sun set. We did great Saturday am 5 to 8, then the bite died, then we were skunked saturday evening, and sunday morning fishing at the same times, same place, and same bait. I know the fish move around, we did too. I also noticed the fish are a lot bigger than in past years. A little skinny, but much bigger. We have not caught a dink in 2 years. So did the fish grow up and change their feeding pattern, or are there other people still catching them at night? I have noticed the striper forum have been dead since June.

    Thanks for any input.

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    This summer was awesome at night until they dropped the water so much. The fishing since I'm gonna say early September has been awful for stripers. The water is cooling and the lake is still low so the fish are most likely on the move more.

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    The striper bite during the day has been very good for about the last 3 weeks. Actually, too good. Most of the time you catch 10 stripers for every one largemouth. Sometimes 2 and 3 stripers at a time.

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    Thanks for the input. Will try again at night in Summer when the lake is full, and no moon. In the past years they did not seem to be that picky, or maybe we were just lucky.

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