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Thread: Smoked pork shoulder butts from costco

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    Smoked pork shoulder butts from costco

    Handn't fired up the smoker in a while. Claudias Haveing her 18th b-day party today at the local park. She wanted pulled pork.
    started last night at 7pm @ 225, took out this morning at 10:30 am it was a 17+ lb package and it was in 2 pcs when we opened it.
    April used grey pupon mustard and some sweet seasoning on them. Never tried it that way before came out fantastic.

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    Anthony loves these chunks , He always sits by the counter till I pull them off.
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    Those chunks I think they are called burnt ends are the best Anthony has great taste.
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    Right on!

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    Looks good man, that bark is awesome!

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    I almost always use the pork butts and brisket from Costco.

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    Good lookin' cook there Del.
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    Del, that looks Yummy, Bring some up to showlow this weekend for my elk hunt, That would be great.
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