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    I’ve been going out from my house. This is the 3rd yr and the slowest. Not that its ever been that great. Never gotten a limit in one sitting but like it because I can throw my shotgun in my ranger and drive 10 mins. Got 11 yesterday. I’m out n/w Peoria/ surprise

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    I drove over there on Friday and hunted with my buddy Ian somewhere out by Queen Creek. Not sure exactly where. Ian made me wear a blindfold and the only road sign I could see was Pecos Rd.
    Hunting for us was out standing (to bad I suck at hitting them little basturds) and there were more birds than we could shoot at. I ended up with 12 on Saturday morning ( Ian ended up with about the same but a LOT less shots) and another 12 on Sunday morning as well, but it really died off around 8:30 to 9:00. I think Ian and his boy had around 20+ on Sunday too
    That was the 1st time I had seen one of those "ring-neck" dove and those things are giant compared to the whitewing we were shooting. We had a bunch of fun and I'm planning on coming back again next year. If I can figure out where the hell we were, I'll post up the location but I wouldn't hold your breath. I haven't dove hunted in AZ in over 11 years and man does that place look different. Houses going up everywhere you look

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    Anyone had any better luck in th elater season? Took my boy out with me this last weekend and saw a couple good flocks of dove. Shot at one, but missed him. Ordered a couple of mojos with a gift card I had. Hopefully that will bring some in and I won;t have to chase them around the desert.

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    Shit I still havent been out, everytime I try I end up at work

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    Join the rest of us Del, make plans and the phone rings and its a customer that wants something, back to work.
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