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Thread: Getting colder up north.

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    Getting colder up north.

    Went up to my unit this morning and it was 41 degrees below Happy Jack. Saw two mulies and 15 elk in different spots along the road. My camp was 45 degrees at 6:30. Should get them bugling soon. Good luck on your hunts.

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    Are you in 6A, 5B south, 5A or 4A?

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    3c was 55 for a low last weekend. Getting nice.

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    Heard on the news this morning that somewhere in the valley was 71 this AM....was 75 at my place at about 6 AM.

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    My thermometer said 73 this morning. Just nice not to open the door in the AM and still feel the heat. Get those lakes to cool off too and fire up the fall bite. Just going to be juggling between scouting for deer and getting on the water.

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