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Thread: Stripers 5-15-18

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    Skunko, as usual stating the obvious. A couple of drops of lemon detergent works. Keep a small bottle in the boat for when you eat your sandwich.
    I fish with a guy that brings rubber gloves. I had to wear them at work. Take them off after a few hours, hands are all wet, and slimy from persperation.
    If its hard to do, You are probably doing it wroing!

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    Table salt. Pour it into your hands and rub them together. Helps get rid of anchovie smell too. And massage therapist smells, just in case.

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    Thanks Mike use the table salt for a long time. Frabreeze (sp) took the smell out of the boat carpet. Catfish don't come on my bass boat and for some stupid reason I took my boat striper fishing for fun. Had to scrub the carpet clean learned my lesson!

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