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Thread: How Do I replace the Shaft on my MK Terrova Trolling Motor?

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    That's strange if you leave a message he is normally real good about calling people back sometimes late in the day if he is out on repairs on the local private lakes. Ernie is good at Martin marine and as Nitro says he does have a lot of parts and might help you with "how to". I agree the storage/locking mechanism is weak on the Terrova good idea to put the collar down or install the strap.

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    Hey guys. Just an update. Minn Kota DOES sell the whole lower assembly for these older Terrovas retail! I had to call them directly to get(confirm) the correct part number. Turned out my Terrova is from 2007. Guy on the phone at Johnson Outdoors(Minn Kota) I spoke with helped me line up the right part number with the serial number on my TM and filled me in on some other info about my motor. They ended up charging me about $100 less than anyone I could find online ($380ish with new shaft, LU housing, motor and shipping), and the LU showed up on my doorstop within 4 days. I ordered the one without the Universal Sonar so my Helix Transducer would fit better and saved another $100.

    Wiring it is so easy, even an idiot like me can do it. It took 15 minutes total. The wires come with pre-installed connectors and plugs right in to the head unit. The head unit has these neat wraps that slip right over the connectors. Super easy. Way better than trying to rebuild the whole unit. Now I also have a spare motor assembly in case anything happens on the water! Thanks Fishless for the recommendation. You were right, way better with the new motor and way cheaper to go direct thru Johnson Outdoors. I am now confident I could make any repair to my Trolling Motor if it needs it.

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    I like my new motor, much better with out the 2D sonar puck. You must have 24volt? mine with shipping was right at $300. Be careful about (fixing anything on the TM) if the electronic board goes goofy that scares me. When the TM drive motor starts to grind and come apart (don't rebuild it) it is a nightmare I ordered the new drive motor and it was again a 15min job with plug in's for the two wires to it, (I have replaced mine twice) once under warranty and once where I did it. I thought my new lower unit was going bad again but found out the 2 year old series 31 battery took a doo doo so I replace that this last weekend and now I am back to pulling skiers (not quite). Glad it worked out good for you

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