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Thread: Tag grab meeting

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    Tag grab meeting

    The ADA has a meeting Tuesday at 6:30 at Bass Pro. All have been invited to attend. Pete C. from SFW will be there to tell us why he is going to save all of us if we give him hundreds of tags for his rich buddies. Attend if you can.

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    I am so tempted to go, but just tired of the same old bullshit. Its a reminder of the Bullshit by the sag sag fags and the early years of when I did go to the hunting side of things.
    lifes much simplier with out that bullshit.
    Pete and his croneys are going to get it cause thats what they do best is take take take. nothing anyone can do about it. but its all in the name of education hahahahaha

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    the same old bullshit
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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    I agree that they have been salting the ground for tags since the last deal. I am sure they have a couple of commissioners in the pocket. The lion/HSUS excuse was bullshit. They hired a lobbying firm for $250000 and won't tell how that helped stop people from signing the petition. Was it old Jerry Wiers daughters lobbying firm? Politics is a dirty business. Nummie and I are going just to irritate the groupies.

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