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Thread: Results are up in the Portal!

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    Results are up in the Portal!

    No joke.

    Wife - Unit 10 cow
    Me - Limited ops cow
    Kid - TBD

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    Me too. 5bs archery bull. Congrats and good luck.

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    Me and every other guy must be trying to get on, the damn portal is froze up.

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    Nov 2016
    Now Prescott Valley
    Just a bonus point for me.

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    Archery bull, unit 1, 2B and 2C.

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    Phone line works even though it said no tag for me. 602-942-3000

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    No elk tag for me. Good luck to every one else..

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    Muzzle loader cow in 3B for me. Damm Good HUNT.
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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