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Thread: 2018 Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club

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    2018 Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club

    The 2018 YVRGC Tournament series starts January 13, out of Fisher's Landing. There will be repairs going on to the ramp at Fisher's (extending the ramp) starting Monday the 8th and it is supposed to finish up by the end of the week, but may carry over into the weekend. Clint Fraser and Danny Woods, who run the fishing side of the club, have been working diligently to find an alternative launch site. As of right now, they are currently waiting to hear back from Hidden Shores to see if they will waive the launch fees for Hidden Shores. If they do waive the fee, they will be running the tournament out of Hidden Shores, even if Fisher's ramps are open. If the fees are not waived, Billy Skinner, who runs Cheater Baits/Skinner Rods has donated money that will cover all fees for those who enter the tournament. I am going to attach a couple flyers to this post today. One will be showing the tournament schedule for the year, one will be the flyer for the 1st tournament of the year, and one will be going over the rules of the club. For YVRGC, you can use any boat from jon boats to bass boats that have a working livewell. Kayaks, canoes, and float tubes are not allowed for tournaments.

    These tournaments have gone from an average of 5-10 boats 2 years ago to averaging close to 30 last year, in the first season Clint Fraser and Danny Woods were in charge. The payouts are 100% and these tournaments in my opinion are the best bang for your buck tournaments in Yuma. Also, just for signing up, you are entered into a raffle and can win prizes ranging from poles, lures, and reels to boat cleaning supplies, hats, and shirts. The 2lb pot is an option not a lot of clubs do and encourages more teams to weigh in with a chance to win some money back. Also, Billy Skinner recently donated $100 mystery weight prize for each tournament where he will send Clint a random weight and whoever gets closest to the weight will win the $100. If you have a chance to fish another tournament, this is one I think you will enjoy.

    Forgot to add, must be a member to fish.
    $40 Husband and Wife
    $30 single
    Senior (65+) $25
    Active or Retired Military $20
    17 under Free...

    You can sign up for memberships and tournament entrees the morning of the tournaments or go to Sportsman's Hideaway in Yuma and sign up there.
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    Live bait?! Oh wait, you have to live in Yuma. Nevermind.

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    You don't have to live in Yuma. We have guys that fish from LA, El Centro, Blythe, San Diego and Phoenix.

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    Confirmed Friday afternoon, For the January tournament on the 13th, YVRGC will be launching out of Hidden Shores and the launch fees have been waived for those fishing the tournament.

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    The 2018 Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club season kicked off to a great start. We had 34 boats show up to play in the mid 70s weather and enjoy a day of fishing. The results went as follows:

    1st: Tyler Shaddy/ Steve Laurel....20.37lbs
    2nd: Kalib Lund/Brian Velasquez....18.21lbs
    3rd: Dwight Palmer/James Gerber....16.91lbs
    BIG FISH: Dustin Driscoll/Grant Estrada 7.22lbs
    2lb Pot: Billy N Jenna Butler/Joey Delgadillo 2.06lbs
    First team out: Steven Jermaine Washington/Scott Nigh....16.80lbs
    Skinner Mystery Weight of closest to 19.5lbs went to Tyler Shaddy and Steve Laurel.

    Thank you all for coming out and supporting this great club. A big thank you aswell to Hidden Shores for allowing us to take over your fine facility today and allowing us to be there. January was great but really looking forward to February. A full list of results will be posted soon and also be on the lookout for our February flier. Thank you all and.....FISH ON!!!

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    Nice bags.

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